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Anthony Bourdain and I are still carrying on a long extended affair in my dreams, I am happy to report.

Hiro Nakamura is too fucking adorable for words. This show is slowly eating my brain, although the "it's ALL CONNECTED" thing is starting to get a little silly.

The whole viaduct fight does not instill much hope in me regarding the political process in Seattle. (For a quick primer of the factions, see this post.) If anything, it's even stupider than what goes on in Portland. What kind of "world-class" city would leave only two options, both of which are polluting and do nothing to ease the pain of commuting in a city with a fucking freeway dropped down its center? This city needs transit like nothing, and it annoys me deeply that routing traffic to the surface streets and beefing up transit is not an option.

So I have a coworker whose last name is Watanabe. Apparently, before he came to work for Insurance Company, somebody actually came up to Favorite Team Lead and said, "Watanabe--that's Jewish, right?" I fucking SPORFLED. For the rest of the day, I greet Coworker with "Shalom and Mazel Tov." Cody says it reminds him of that one scene in Shanghai Noon where the Chinese are mistaken for Jews, because none of the white people know what either Chinese or Jews look like. I think making everybody read Said's Orientalism might be instructive, but the joke might be lost on those who need to be schooled the most. Yes Virginia, there are still amazing bastions of cultural ignorance even in areas around Seattle. If it weren't so damn funny I'd cry.
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* New job is OK. The being at work at 7:30 in the morning part sucks donkey balls, but I can't really do anything about that. My manager is cool, but not as cool as my old manager at Washington Mutual. She doesn't seem like the type I could talk to about Firefly and George RR Martin, but she's nice and gets Office Space references. Insurance is complicated, but I think my brain needs the workout. I still can't get over the fact that I have an inbox.

* I work on an island (it's a very big island), and apparently the Blue Angels perform their practice runs right around the bridge. When they fly by, the whole building shakes. On break, people crowd on the stairs to watch them. I went out there today to see if I could catch a glimpse, and just as I was getting bored and heading inside, they roared right over the top of the building in perfect delta formation, trailing smoke.

* The new Vienna Teng album is different, but still good. "City Hall" still makes me cry.

* This is so freaky and Oryx and Crake: Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology figured they could learn more from neuron clumps that acted more like real brains, so they've developed "neurally controlled animats" -- a few thousand rat neurons grown atop a grid of electrodes and connected to a robot body or computer-simulated virtual environment.
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* Amanda Marcotte speaks of the silliness of the real-life fight club, and woman (generic) as a stand-in for capitalist conformity and those who enforce it. There is also talk of Lacan in the comments. I know very little about Lacan in an academic sense, but in my Atwood and Ondaatje class there was a girl who sat in for two weeks and expounded upon language as a phallocentric endeavour and Ondaatje and especially Atwood's attempts to come to terms with it all and create agency within it. Or something like that. It's been a while. All the while I was looking at her and thinking "Guh. You are so hot because you can talk about stuff like this." (see also starstealingirlAdrienne's definition of theory sex) So now every time I think of Lacan, I think of HAWT. </shallow>

* Maciej Ceglowski takes George Will to task for objecting to bilingual ballots. I always hate it when there's not an Anna Quindlen column in the back of my Newsweek, because inevitably I'll get bored and read Will's column, which is so tetchy and conservative I can't make fun of it. As Maciej notes, there is an almost-literal grandmother clause that indicates if you've been in this country long enough, you can take the citizenship test in any language you damn please. And I deeply resent the implication that my grandma, a woman who fought Communist soldiers to keep her sewing machine so she could support her daughters, has less right to be here and/or vote than some idiot native who probably couldn't even pass the citizenship test.

* Enough of that. Have a grilled cheese pan with an image of Jesus on it. And a picture of Judi Dench and Ewan McGregor dressed up in bizarre costumes.
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1. I have been reading Finding Serenity and I like it lots. There's a couple essays that are totally annoying and a couple that are really boring, but by and large they are scrumptious and delightful. My favorites are the one discussing River and Early's perceptions of the world and how it relates to existentialism and the one about Wash and Zoe's marriage and how it really is adult and mature in comparison to most depictions of heterosexuality and marriage on TV.

2. Reasons why my manager rocks: He makes fun of stupid customers with me when we have to score my call obs (After a particularly dim-witted one: "Did you understand everything he said?" "Yes." "Did he understand everything you said?" "..." "--well, I understood everything you said. Pass."), and he likes Firefly.

3. The Lost episode where Claire and her baby get baptized? Annoys the shit out of me and makes no sense whatsoever. In general, the interpersonal tension on Lost is starting to get silly. I don't care if Jack and Locke are duking it out for superiority and leadership, give me more polar bears!

4. I take back what I said about Ana Lucia. She is totally hot and I don't hate her anymore.

Adrienne, when's your train getting in? I hope it's early, because the scheduling people at work have me waitlisted for Friday. Johnny says he'll take you to the gayborhood if I can't get off work.
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1. Lost is EATING MY BRAIN. Sayid is my new boyfriend, I adore Sun and Jin, Jack annoys the shit out of me (I honestly don't care about his backstory, and yet he gets so much of it), and I hate Ana Lucia. There's probably no possibility she's the one who dies. (And if you spoil me I will kill you.)

2. [ profile] starstealingirl is coming to visit next week. Hurrah!

3. State tax refund will be posting tomorrow. Double hurrah!
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1. I should be at work but I'm not. Shhhh.

2. Warren Ellis's daughter (now let us pause for a moment to let the horror and amusement sink in that he has spawned) sleeps with a hardcover copy of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that is autographed by "your creepy Uncle Al." I find this absolutely adorable and shall endeavour to inculcate this type of behavior in any wee ones I may have influence over.

3. This is horrifying and fucked up in so many ways. A woman is losing custody of her son after a judge saw pictures of her participating in a Church of the Subgenius convention. A million little small things, and then you look back and wonder why you didn't see it coming.


Jan. 31st, 2006 07:59 pm
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I think I need to start making a tag for lists.

* Guacamole + garlic-infused olive oil = crazy delicious. And it makes so much difference when it's real guacamole made with real avocados, as opposed to the creepy stuff with itty bitty type and about 60 ingredients.
* My Babylon 5 DVDs arrived! Yay!
cut for B5 bibble )
*The latest Something Positive makes me want to bawl my eyes out, even worse than the last three strips.
* Coretta Scott King's death saddens me, and I hope this gives the feuding King children a good smack in the head re: the power struggle that is taking place in the family.
* I am pleased that Brokeback Mountain got so many Oscar nods. I am, however, unsure of its suitability as the best picture of the year, having not seen any of the other nominees. I reserve judgement until then, but I do so hope Ang Lee wins best director, because I love Ang Lee. In the meantime, read John Scalzi's observations about what Hollywood perceives as its best and what it happens to promote instead of it.