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Hey lookit me failing on the journaling challenge! I offer fic in penance? (Welcome to Night Vale, Cecil/Carlos, swearing)

Cody wanted to go see The World's End and so I went with him. I went in more or less cold, so all I knew about it was pub crawl with vaguely-apocalyptic something. I was expecting a silly little romp, which it delivered, but not a relationship that made me cry, reflections on growing up, or Sandman references.

Spoilers within )

But yes. The World's End is fantastic, and you should go watch it.
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Is it technically cheating if you wrote a thing and posted it elsewhere? I wrote some Cecil/Carlos reblog fic. It is very fluffy.
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So one of the cool things about Welcome to Night Vale (at some point in the future there will be a post waxing rhapsodic about how much I love this stupid podcast) was getting in on the ground floor, as it were. Despite all my years in fandom, I've never been able to see one form more or less from the ground up, and it's been fascinating. Back when the Tumblr tag was quiet enough, you could actually see fanons and artistic interpretations forming for Cecil via collective dialogue (this is where all the third eye and tentacles and moving tattoo whatever came from), and it was really cool. 

It's also been really interesting Twitter-stalking the creators of the show and watching them deal with becoming Internet and Tumblr famous. Every so often Joseph Fink will basically tweet the equivalent of an eyebrow raise or step in and clarify something regarding wank (This is not what I was looking for but this actually illustrates my point better. God there is so much wank now), and I just want to buy them a bottle of bourbon out of sympathy. Cecil Baldwin (the actor) seems to have taken to fame (or at least being more recognized than he used to be) pretty well, and he seems delighted to see the impact of his work. 

And this intersection with Tumblr culture appears to have lead them to be guests at Dashcon, which appears to be some sort of Tumblr-centric fan convention thing? With a Superwholock scavenger hunt? And idk about you, but being stuffed into a hotel in fucking Schaumburg, IL with a bunch of Tumblr users sounds like a special kind of hell to me, even if Noelle Stevenson and the WtNV crew will be there. So I guess this is a really long-winded way of saying I don't ever want to be Tumblr famous because Tumblr is a strange ridiculous and occasionally scary and exasperating beast.
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Have a Welcome to Night Vale rec list from [personal profile] ravenI have read almost everything on here and it is fab. (But there is also a thing I have not read and I am excite. Also because it's 22K words.) This fandom, y'all. It is so fucking talented in every regard it honestly boggles my mind. 

I am in that stage where I don't want to read things I feel like I should be reading. Namely, books with some sort of redeeming value as opposed to really shitty movie novelizations (IT IS SO BAD. The faces I make when reading it are usually reserved for badfic) or all the fic ever. I know it's totally a phase, but there was this one time after I graduated from university where I couldn't read anything longer than a magazine article for like a year and it freaked me the fuck out. 

So, yes. Things I stalled on/wished I was reading:

Fresh Off The Boat, by Eddie Huang. The new foul-mouthed enfant terrible of the cooking world, or something. Taiwanese immigrant parents, went to law school, decided it wasn't for him, and started cooking. Funny as hell, smart as a whip, did amazing Game of Thrones recaps that made me howl. Giant hip-hop fan. It still amazes me that despite how fucking long Asian Americans have been in this country, we still get the same fucking stereotypes about model minorities or Orientalized bullshit in pop culture. So it's a fucking breath of fresh air when I see people like Eddie or Joan Watson from Elementary that more closely approximate the experience I had growing up in the States. What I've read of it is great, and I will go back to it eventually.

The Player of Games, by Iain M. Banks. Confession time: I've never actually read a Culture book all the way through, but even hearing people describe it to me is enough to know he was a Thing. Is it weird to be in awe of and keenly miss a man whose books you've never finished? But I do. As somebody on Twitter said, it was like an entire city went off the map when he died. It makes me want to surround China Miéville in bubble wrap to ensure we don't lose anybody remotely comparable. 
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lol I already fail at challenge posting on day 2. I am so awesome.

So, as you may or may not know, I spend most of my time on Tumblr these days. It is a new and different way of interacting. I've met a lot of really cool people through it, and that's really what keeps me there. The platform itself is really strange and not particularly optimal for discussion. Which of course is by design, but it really sucks sometimes. It privileges visual stimulation over text, and that can be really annoying sometimes. As somebody said, "I could go write a post on LJ/Dreamwidth or I could reblog this picture of Benedict Cumberbatch and an otter." Also idk if it's because the platform skews young, but stupid spreads really really fast. Nobody ever checks the veracity of the shit they reblog, and misinformation spreads like wildfire. And there's no way to send that correction back up the chain, and I'm not sure you'd want to, especially when a thing is reblogged hundreds of thousands of times. So yes, it is weird and I have problems with the design of the platform (and the UX, oh god the UX), but I have no idea where else I'd go.

Being such a visual medium Tumblr does bring me into contact with a lot of things I would probably not seek out otherwise, like photography or all sorts of really interesting visual art/fanart. I have primarily been a very textual person all my life (and LJ/DW did not help this at all), so it's been interesting. I'm also learning lots about the process of drawing in all different mediums due to following artists (which only confirms how bad I'd be at it). So it's been educational, despite the many many things I hate about it.
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So a bunch of people who I am acquainted with from Way Back are trying the "post every day for 30 days" challenge thing. I figured it might not be a terrible idea to do so myself. The hilariously ironic part is I found out about it on Tumblr.

Despite having been On The Internets for ages and having a Livejournal for a great deal of that time, I am not a particularly self-reflective person. I'll give you words upon words about things and people and fandom, but myself? Not so much. Maybe because I'm getting old (in Internet and Tumblr years) and everybody else my age seems to be doing the same thing (In a week there was a thing on Fiona Apple and a top 100 Tori Amos songs list! I'm waiting for the inevitable Lilith Fair retrospective if it hasn't already. The X-Files 20 year anniversary thing already happened at SDCC.), I find myself drawn towards poking around a little bit, trying to figure out where the roads could have diverged. This may involve retrieving old journals from my parents' place the next time I go back to Portland. The horror, the horror. Hopefully I can mine it for terrible poetry or something.

So yeah, hi. It's a little dusty here. Let's see what happens.