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Random Kingdom Hearts tidbit: The voice of Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts I was done by Lance Bass. I was reminded of that by somebody on an online service whose name is dark_sephy. The thought of anyone shrieking "Sephy-chan!11!!!eleventy" just makes my head kind of want to explode. In an amusing way. Mostly.

I am teh brain-dead, can you tell?
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New layout. I must be getting soft in my old age, as five years ago I would not go near anything with flowers or pastels. Now, it's like, oh how cute! If I start wearing Laura Ashley prints, you officially have my permission to shoot me, for my sake and the rest of the world's.
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There is nothing more stultifyingly boring than assembling your own reference material, except perhaps assembling your own reference material when you don't understand a fucking thing in it.

There is another Alice [last name] in the company, spelled the same way and everything. The only difference in our names is a middle initial. She works in corporate accounting down in L.A. Freaks me the shit out.

Brain melty. So looking forward to sleeping in.
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My fucking eyes. I went to the optometrist today and got my pupils dilated, as well as getting these weird-ass anesthetic drops in my eyes (which totally suck and make your eyes numb so they can poke things at your eyeball eww) and now my vision is all blurry and I am light-sensitive as hell. Which is totally awesome, because then I get to squint at a computer screen for the next six hours. Joy.

But, I have cute sexy new glasses on order, and I will put up pictures when they are received. 7-10 business days, as everything is nowadays.
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AHHAHAHAAA! Terribly designed, yes, but so fucking mean. I love it. If I wasn't afraid somebody would slash my tires, I'd get a bumper sticker of this.
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Finished up season 2 of Babylon 5 and am anxiously awaiting the other box sets purchased on eBay to arrive.


1. J. Michael Straczynski has read his Tolkien. Not just the big epic War Against the Shadow, but the little things-- some of the speeches, a random reference here and there indicate he's thought a lot about it.
2. Ivanova and Talia Winters? That was not subtext. That was waving "Hi! Lookit me! Hi hi!" supertext.
3. Nobody understands my love for Garibaldi/Franklin. Nobody. Of course, I am not discounting the great fondness people seem to have for Garibaldi/Sinclair, but I haven't seen season one yet, so I reserve my judgement.

I need slash, dammit. Got any?
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Not-so-deep thoughts that occur to me when I listen to music while driving to work:

1. Why are all the narrators of Death Cab for Cutie songs such passive-aggressive assholes? And who are the unfortunate girls who end up dating them?
2. Damn, a lot of people die in Decemberists songs.

Life update:

I applied for a position in the product services queue at Big Bank, which means I shall be handling the opening of new accounts and CDs, business banking, and a few other things. And I got it. Hooray for me. And woe, because training is from 8am to 5pm in a couple weeks. God help the poor night owl.