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1. I have been reading Finding Serenity and I like it lots. There's a couple essays that are totally annoying and a couple that are really boring, but by and large they are scrumptious and delightful. My favorites are the one discussing River and Early's perceptions of the world and how it relates to existentialism and the one about Wash and Zoe's marriage and how it really is adult and mature in comparison to most depictions of heterosexuality and marriage on TV.

2. Reasons why my manager rocks: He makes fun of stupid customers with me when we have to score my call obs (After a particularly dim-witted one: "Did you understand everything he said?" "Yes." "Did he understand everything you said?" "..." "--well, I understood everything you said. Pass."), and he likes Firefly.

3. The Lost episode where Claire and her baby get baptized? Annoys the shit out of me and makes no sense whatsoever. In general, the interpersonal tension on Lost is starting to get silly. I don't care if Jack and Locke are duking it out for superiority and leadership, give me more polar bears!

4. I take back what I said about Ana Lucia. She is totally hot and I don't hate her anymore.

Adrienne, when's your train getting in? I hope it's early, because the scheduling people at work have me waitlisted for Friday. Johnny says he'll take you to the gayborhood if I can't get off work.
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