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Name:former hook Shepard
Birthdate:Nov 10, 1982
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Website:Tumblr of amusing things
My nerdery is multifaceted and my geekery is deep. Caffeine in all its forms is pleasing to me. Shitty UIs make me very sad. I'm still slightly stunned I got out of grad school alive. For a good index of what fandoms I'm currently into, check Tumblr. If you'd like something slightly more concrete, here's my comment at the non-fandom friending meme.

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I've added you because I think you're interesting. Please feel no obligation to reciprocate. I am also a largely transparent person, and about 95% of my content is public. Subscribe and unsubscribe me at will. It's the Internet--there's enough people getting snitty for no reason without me contributing to it.

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akira kurosawa, alton brown, amy pond's scottish accent, anders needs kittens, annoying sanctimonious lefties, anthony bourdain, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, being human, benjamin january, bioware, bitching about humanity, bookplates, books, boys in eyeliner, bread and olive oil, buffy the vampire slayer, children of dune, china, chinese, constructed languages, controlled vocabularies, cookbooks, cowboy bebop, dave matthews (band), david gray, david tennant's scottish accent, delerium, design, disemboweling teenyboppers, doctor who, doctrine of labyrinths, donna noble, dragon age, due south, echo bazaar, eliza dushku, elliott smith, ethiopian food, feminism, firefly, fraser/vecchio, gallifreyan writing, garrus vakarian, gir at raves, good chai tea, good eats, good omens, greek mythology, haruki murakami, hayao miyazaki, his dark materials, ianto is a librarian, invader zim, james dean in glasses, jamie oliver, jhonen vasquez, john lennon, johnny cash covers, johnny the homicidal maniac, jon stewart, joss whedon, kevin smith, kitchen confidential, kornblatt's deli, lenore, librarians, libraries, library and information science, lord of the rings, magical truthsaying bastard spidey!, martha jones, mary russell, mass effect, michael ondaatje, mocking hipsters, monty python, mst3k, múm, navel-gazing, nehru jackets, neil gaiman, ok computer, paseo's, pho, portland oregon, precoordinate classification, public affairs, reading, robin mckinley, sandman, sappho, sarah monette, sarcasm, shiny things, six feet under, skinny boys with guitars, sleeping, snark, sociology, spider jerusalem, star wars, stop being emo felix, strange lcc headings, sw:tor, tamora pierce, ten/martha, thai food, the beatles, the boondocks, the daily show, the english patient, thedas, tolkien, torchwood, tori amos, tortall, transmetropolitan, typography, usability, veronica mars, vienna teng, warren ellis, weeb, welcome to night vale, william gibson, willow rosenberg
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