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The footage of Jonathan Ross snogging Neil Gaiman has finally surfaced.

He's so red! And adorable!

(I promise, I'll shut up about this now.)
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You've read Persepolis, right? No? Well you need to go to the library or bookstore and get it right now. It's awesome. And apparently Marjane Satrapi is going to be helming a movie version of it as well (warning: French lady singing "Eye of the Tiger"):

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From Margaret Cho, a song about pussy (warning: gangster lesbians):

No, don't ask me why the dog is eating bubble bath.

And, because this is my favorite Margaret Cho bit (except for the ones where she's imitating her mom), Asian Chicken Salad:

And you don't use wonton crunchies, you use crispy fried noodles, dammit.
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So here's the preview reel for The Golden Compass:

(I see random tracks from the Children of Dune soundtrack have become the oddly ubiquitous majestic background music of choice, much like O Fortuna or Lux Aeterna.)

I don't know how I feel about it. I mean, there's the whole we-can't-really-portray-the-Magisterium-as-religious-because-it-will-piss-people-off thing, and the fact that they basically booted Tom Stoppard off the project because he focused too much on the Magisterium, but--but! Eva Green as Serafina Pekkala! That one scene of Lyra and Iorek running! I want so much to not like it, but the shiny. Oh, the shiny.
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Things I never needed to know but I know so I'm sharing the misery #2040:

The Blood Elf dance is the same as the Napoleon Dynamite dance. Visual proof:

And yet, it is better than the old dance, which was from Pulp Fiction. Yes, the John Travolta dance.
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Vienna Teng's "City Hall," now with PANTOMIME! It's very dorky, but very sweet. (hat tip to [ profile] pylduck)

Did you know Vienna has her own Youtube channel? I didn't either. Here's "Ru Guo," which means "if" in Mandarin. I think this must be Taiwanese, like "Green Mountain Lullaby," because I don't ever remember hearing when I was little. (Quasi-)celebrities! They're just like us! They sing songs from their childhood too! It's really beautiful, check it out.

PS. If somebody would write an extension that zaps AMVs on Youtube, that would be the coolest thing ever.
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I need a new tag: youtube spam

Shitty techno beats and Latin I can't understand? So there. It's kind of like when Delerium was good.