Oct. 3rd, 2001

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Updating very quickly as I have like 5 minutes remaining on my library log-on time.

Watched John Lennon special last night. Is it possible to miss somebody you never even knew? My life was changed the first time I borrowed "Imagine" from the library. And it makes me sad that he died before I was even born.

But to be honest, the special kinda, well, sucked. There were too many big names, and some very very bad covers. (Marc Anthony. Lucy in the Sky. WTF? And what did Nelly Furtado do to her hair?) The cover of "Across the Universe" with Sean, Moby, and Rufus Wainright was absolutely beautiful tho. Moby says on his journal that the shirt he wore was lent to him by Sean, and it was one of John's Plastic Ono Band shirts. "I have never held an article of clothing with more reverence," he said. But he also mentions that it still had John's sweat stains on it. I adore John, and I miss him profoundly, but isn't that just kind of, well, ick? ^.^

P.S. Poor Julian (John's first son). He always gets shafted because his mother wasn't Yoko Ono. Where was he during this tribute to his father?