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I feel like I should make some sort of post saying hello and welcome to all the people who are here because of the friending meme, but it feels a little like cheating when outside of the Snowflake Challenge I don't actually post much on Dreamwidth at all. I'm not talking like not every day, but months will go by without an entry sometimes. Dreamwidth is where I post when I feel like something's too personal for Twitter or Tumblr. I feel less exposed here. There is no security in obscurity, I know that intellectually, but it makes me feel better.

Things I am into right now that I may or may not actually talk about here:

Critical Role - Yes, it's a D&D live play webstream. Yes, the episodes are 3-5 hours long. It is some of the richest, loveliest character-driven storytelling I've ever seen. My 2016 improved markedly after I started watching it. 

KOTOR 2 - I love Star Wars and I love Bioware (and Obsidian I guess), so I'm actually really surprised it took me this long to finally watch a playthrough. This way, it's basically a visual novel all about war, trauma, the Force, and dealing with all of that. It is everything I ever wanted in a Star Wars game, and I am very sad there will never be a sequel.

Star Wars in general - Somebody in their review of The Force Awakens said it gave them back a little bit of their soul they tried to ignore was missing. I don't think I can overstate how much the prequels broke my heart. Like, I lived and breathed Star Wars in my childhood, and after the prequels, I just stopped. I'm glad with enough time, transformative fanwork, and new canon I'm able to enjoy this thing I have loved for so long again.

Yuri On Ice - This is just so perfect and soft and comforting and beautiful. I honestly do not know if I would have gotten through the end of the year without it. I love it as a fan, but also as a writer. The episode pacing is perfect, and the way the Big Reveal makes everything fit together even better just fills me with astonishment and a little bit of jealousy. 

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Date: 2017-01-07 08:42 pm (UTC)
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re: a sequel to KOTOR2 -- I know it isn't, really, but Old Republic is a surprisingly satisfying mmo if you loved KOTOR/2. I've played off and on since it started, and always single-player. it's not the same, nothing would be, but it IS a well done storyline in the Old Republic timeline. (Set about-- 300? ish years after Revan, basically.)

Just if you haven't ever tried it, it's worth checking out if you can handle the old school keyboard/mouse style play of DA:O and KOTOR.