Jul. 23rd, 2001

pearwaldorf: rey from tfa (Default)
Should be asleep. 10:30 work. Which means no sleeping in, but I get out at 7. Slept in til about noon today. Such decadent hedonism.

Dumbass irate customers. Some lady was like, "Will you wait on me?" like I was some sort of serf, then yelled at me because she couldn't see the sign for the salad and when I couldn't figure out which one she was talking about. Biatch. The amount of white trash that walks through this store amazes me. And they're all fussy too, and insist on exact dollar amounts for their food. "50 cents worth of potato salad." "A dollar's worth of jo-jos." If you're rationing out your money for bulk food, you shouldn't be fucking buying it, then. ::sigh:: It's been a bad day for crabby customers. I implore you, be nice to service people. We're happy to serve you, but treat us like people. We're less likely to spit in your food that way. ~.^