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Hey lookit me failing on the journaling challenge! I offer fic in penance? (Welcome to Night Vale, Cecil/Carlos, swearing)

Cody wanted to go see The World's End and so I went with him. I went in more or less cold, so all I knew about it was pub crawl with vaguely-apocalyptic something. I was expecting a silly little romp, which it delivered, but not a relationship that made me cry, reflections on growing up, or Sandman references.

I adore Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, so I would have gone and seen it regardless, but there's something about Gary and Andy's relationship in this that just makes me go all wibbly. I don't ship it, but there's so much history there that I want to know about it practically hangs in the air. There's more beyond the main group dynamic, the way they interact in Andy's office and at the pub. So basically somebody needs to write me this fic. (You should also read this, because it's good.)

And because everything I read and watch and think about is colored by this strange fit of self-reflection and nostalgia, this movie hit me right in the chest. I mean, we all know people like Gary, who seem to perpetually live in the past trying to recapture their glory days (and oh god all the fucking details in his getup: the Eye of Horus, that ancient brick of a Nokia), and it's a bit laughable and sad, but the way Wright and Pegg spin it, augh. It's a perfect movie to close out the Cornetto trilogy, because you can totally see the progression in theme and subject.

So I don't know if Edgar Wright and Neil Gaiman know each other (beyond Neil saying kind words about the movie), but I'm pretty sure The World's End pub is in part modeled after the one in Sandman. You have a bunch of people drawn to a place that ultimately ends up being a place to tell stories and find things out about yourself. There is a cataclysmic event. And some people feel like there's nothing left on the outside for them, so they end up staying. I could be wrong. It was just something that jumped out at me.

But yes. The World's End is fantastic, and you should go watch it.
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