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I swear to god this journal will not turn into BourdainFilter, but fuckin' a, he's everywhere I turn. I read an article about food movies in the Times and there he was, cheerily fulfilling his media whore duties and blurbing something about Spanglish. And an article about him in my own backyard, and I didn't catch it.

Saw PotC 2 yesterday. Profoundly silly and not as good as the original, but still cracking fun. Critics can go stuff themselves. Don't seem to remember so much Jack/Elizabeth wotsis in the first one (I haven't seen it but once, so I may be misremembering things), but after what happened w/X3, I'm past being amazed at what people can and will do with beloved and logical franchises. Two things though: I did not expect the part of Davy Jones to be played by Cthulhu, and Keira Knightley in pirate drag? Heartily approve.