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I have seen a Civil War!

Things I expected to like and did
  • T'Challa is my boo and I love him a lot and I can't fucking believe (except I can) they moved his movie up for fucking Spider-Man. I guess I have the Black Panther comic to console me in the interim. I loved the interaction he had with his dad (even if they were telegraphing his death from a mile away) and I wish we could have had more. 
  • NATASHAAAAAA. I KNEW SHE WAS A DOUBLE AGENT. Of sorts. She's such a fucking badass and I still adore her to bits. I still wish Feige would just fucking financially commit to a Black Widow movie instead of just waffling the way he normally does.
  • Tony/Rhodey! If I don't get reams of fic out of this I'mma be pissed. 
Things I did not expect to like and was pleasantly surprised by
  • I was pretty unimpressed when they announced RDJ would be in the movie, but the Civil War conflict is, for the most part, Tony's motivations seem honest and understandable. You feel the genuine regard Tony has for Steve, which was something I feel like they needed to build up to in previous movies, because it felt a little shoe-horned in. (Not as much as the Steve/Sharon kiss though. Ye gods.)
  • Scott Lang. OK fine he was all right. I might watch Ant-Man at some point.
  • Peter Parker. God he's such a bb! I want to Have Words with Tony for basically conscripting a child into this fucking conflict. 
Things I did not expect and did not like
  • Tony and Pepper breaking up. It's a logical conclusion, given Tony's complete reversion of character growth after Iron Man 3, but I'm still annoyed about it. 
  • Bucky in the fridge! What the fuck! Where is my emotional catharsis, platonic or romantic? Where is Bucky's chance at rebuilding his life and atone for the damages he feels he's done? And if that could not have been avoided, why the fuck didn't we get a (platonic) kiss or forehead bump or something? Guillermo del Toro gave me a goddamn forehead bump in Pacific Rim. 
Things I was emotionally compromised by, expected and unexpected
  • Tony talking to his parents. Oh my god. That was fucking dirty pool. 
  • "Give me back my Rhodey!" The look on Sam's face when he realized that he took out somebody else's Riley. :/
  • Giving Cap's "No, you move" speech from the comics to Peggy. Also Natasha's "I didn't want you to be alone." THEIR FRIENDSHIP IS SO DEEP AND PURE AND IT MAKES ME VERY EMOSHE OK? 
For what it was (a giant ensemble movie with a lot of moving parts), I thought it was well done. Everybody, and there were a lot of people, got their moment, and that's something I can respect. But as a thing I wanted, i.e. a vehicle for Steve/Bucky (or Steve and Bucky) feels and emotional catharsis, it was kind of a failure. I feel like there was so much going on they either cut a bunch of stuff or they pulled a bit of a "no homo". There's obviously still deep affection and loyalty there (you don't fight on behalf of someone, especially a dude in a giant metal suit, if you don't love them), but make me feel it. Fuck me up with how much they love each other. I did not get that, and I'm still a little disappointed by it.
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