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Not-so-deep thoughts that occur to me when I listen to music while driving to work:

1. Why are all the narrators of Death Cab for Cutie songs such passive-aggressive assholes? And who are the unfortunate girls who end up dating them?
2. Damn, a lot of people die in Decemberists songs.

Life update:

I applied for a position in the product services queue at Big Bank, which means I shall be handling the opening of new accounts and CDs, business banking, and a few other things. And I got it. Hooray for me. And woe, because training is from 8am to 5pm in a couple weeks. God help the poor night owl.
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Yes, yes, I know, different demographics, countries, etc etc, but when was the last time you saw a Time or CNN web poll with answers like that?

Just finished watching Donnie Darko. Drew Barrymore is much hotter as a redhead, and I have terribly inappropriate feelings for teenage Jake Gyllenhall.
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Weekend with starstealingirlLa Adrienne, wherein we tooled around the U-District and she taught me how to knit and about the evils of acrylic yarn, and we watched Brokeback Mountain with Cody.

I cannot say enough good things about this movie. It's just so very very good, first of all. It's completely true to the tone of the short story (which you can read here , since the previous New Yorker link everybody was using doesn't seem to work anymore): sparse, masculine, quiet. The acting is amazing, and Heath Ledger has redeemed himself in my eyes as not a piece of harmless pinup fluff, but an amazing actor. (I have thought about it some more and he has redeemed himself for The Order, which is saying something.) He *is* Ennis, poor taciturn broken Ennis, and while you're watching, you can't think of him as ever being anything else. There is so much pain in the movie, and it's just so repressed and kept under wraps that when you see Ennis break down it's almost a shock.

Adrienne tells me that she keeps seeing press about the movie where people keep insisting that it's a transcendent two-souls-in-harmony love story and not Teh Gay, which I haven't seen, this being the only press I ever read about it. I don't know about you, but I think two men fucking is pretty damn Teh Gay. And it's just crap that it has to be reworked into this strange bodiless sort of agape as opposed to eros to be palatable to the general public. And not just that, but it amazes me that people (read: fen) would not be able to see the political and real-world implications of a movie like this, and treat it like another pairing to write bad fic about. Not that I've seen these people, but I am sure they do and will exist. Oh hell, just read Adrienne's earlier post about this because she's said it so much better than I have.