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I saw Wonder Woman and it was delightful. There were so many female bodies being athletic and fierce and beautiful. It gave me great joy and comfort.
 It’s real fucked up when you’re like, “Oh good, they have non-white Amazons” or “Thank god they remembered there were indeed brown people in London during WW1″ because so many films/directors wouldn’t. But they remembered that, and apparently the guy who plays Chief is Blackfoot and spoke Blackfoot in the movie, so that’s real cool. 
Can we have a completely unnecessary prequel about Hippolyta and Antiope and the establishment of Themyscira? I loved what we saw of the place, even though it was of course necessary to leave. I loved all the Amazons, but especially Antiope, because Robin Wright being able to kick my ass in any way possible (as an Amazon or as Claire Underwood) is a thing that is Deeply Relevant To My Interests. And all the Amazons had muscles? And scars? And it was great?? (I am still irked that Gal Gadot was obviously trained differently, so she didn’t have much visible muscle. Is one of the godkiller’s superpowers strength without being super-ripped?)
I thought the framing device was super silly, but it did subvert expectations in a way I thought was pretty cool. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect that a movie set in a universe as shittily grimdark as the DC movieverse will end with a Wonder Woman whose faith in humanity is broken. Or at in a way that prevents her from being Wonder Woman. But thank god? Zeus?, it did not. 
I am also pleasantly baffled I did not hate Steve Trevor in this? He grated on me a lot in the animated WW movie and made me wish he was Steve Rogers. But I found him acceptable as a doomed love interest and introduction to the world of man. (I was quite worried there would be some sort of ridiculous deus ex machina and he would show up alive again but I am very glad he stayed dead. As far as we know.)
I wish I had more to say about Gal Gadot as Diana/WW but she was there I guess? She was fine, but I didn’t find anything about her performance truly spectacular. 
Like, I’m not really attached to the idea of Wonder Woman as a person, but as an ideal. (Unlike Captain America, who I think the concept of is deeply underpinned by who Steve Rogers is as a person.) This might be because I’ve never been much of a DC person. But holy shit, that walk through no man’s land and her saving the village? So good. So so fucking good. 
I really did like the bit at the end where she pulls the Buffy move with the sword. And the part with the tank. That was fucking awesome too. 

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You've probably seen circulating on Facebook / Tumblr / etc a post about how the movie had no male gaze in it. There were wrinkles and skin folds and sagging and the director and cinematographer didn't care. It was pretty refreshing.