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Cody finished Horizon: Zero Dawn and it is such a fantastic game. The world building is thoughtful and nuanced, and it is a delight to behold. The characters are all great, but especially the female NPCs Aloy encounters in her travels, like Talanah and Vanasha. 
I didn’t realize at first that Ashly Burch voices Aloy, because this particular milieu is so different from what I normally encounter her in. She imparts Aloy with the perfect amount of confidence, compassion, and sarcasm. Along with some really great facial animations (I love the really subtle smirks she makes when confronted with something she knows she’ll stomp into the ground), it makes her a great PC to spend hours with. (Also she is totally lesbians. Like, it’s not blatantly obvious, but the way she reacts when pretty girls/women talk to her? Yeah.)
I love the way the game shows you the world as it is, and then peels it back, layer by layer, to show you how it was. And in doing so, it has a lot to say about hope, survival, cultural memory, and legacy; in some cases, literal seeds of a garden you’ll never get to see. 
If you don’t want to play it or don’t have a PS4, I highly recommend finding a playthrough on YouTube. It is well worth your time.