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So. Hello. Thanks for doing this. I’m always delighted when people take time to consider anything I want when writing fics, so I’m sure whatever you write I’m going to love. But if you need something more concrete to work with (as I do), please feel free to look below.

You probably don’t know me. Here are places you can find me:

I hang out mostly on Tumblr and Twitter. I have an AO3 here, and this is some fic that I have read and liked.

Things I love in fic, in no particular order

Female-centric (although as long as your characterization is true I won’t care who you focus on)
Friendship/genuine regard between characters, especially when they’ve clashed in the past
Friends/lovers hanging out
As a corollary to the previous two points, hurt/comfort
People finding their way in the world, especially after something bad has happened
Found families
OT3s/poly relationships and negotiations surrounding such
Worldbuilding of all sorts (give me specific details of the nerd-ass thing you’ve always wanted to explore about the work!)
Comedies of manners
Fake relationships/forced intimacy, especially when feelings make it awkward

In general, I prefer established relationships to getting together fics. There is a lot of depth and exploration that I think gets missed when people focus on getting people together. 

I really love attempts at connection and understanding, both of self and other characters, especially when they succeed.

I am agnostic on explicit sex/porn. Don’t write it if it makes you uncomfortable, but I’m certainly not going to be sad if it’s there.

Do not want

Unhappy endings (if things get bad/dark but are resolved by the end that’s fine), non-canonical character death, non-con (dubcon is OK), character bashing/sidelining to further ships (especially if they’re female), jealousy/possessiveness/general relationship creepiness as a good thing, A/B/O AUs, soulmate AUs, mpreg. Please do not consider this a moral judgment if you’re into any of those things.

Rogue One

Please feel free to ignore the canon in this, although I would prefer no out of world AUs.

Bodhi Rook/Galen Erso
Anything you want to do with these two is fine by me. Emotional tender sex where they cry a lot about the people they've lost and find solace in each other? Really nasty hardcore BDSM where both of them get hurt and like it? Quiet pining (on either side) where one finally screws up the courage to talk to the other? Galen gives Bodhi the courage to do the right thing with the power of his dick? Go wild.

Chirrut Imwe/Baze Malbus
These two obviously have a deep connection with each other, spanning decades at least, and I'm curious about how that occurred. How did they meet? Was it friendship/love at first sight, or did they hate each other and then become friends/lovers/romantically involved? How did Baze lose his faith, and Chirrut manage to retain it? How did they work through that? 

Jyn Erso/Mon Mothma
Jyn Erso/Leia Organa
Jyn Erso & Leia Organa

One of the things I disliked about Rogue One is that it passed the Bechdel-Wallace test, but not in any substantiative way. There is barely any interaction between women in the film. Tell me about what would happen if the plot gave the characters room to breathe, what they would talk about. Would Jyn hate/not understand Leia's passion for the cause, or would she come round to it? Do they have things to say about being different types of child soldiers? Would Mon Mothma be intrigued by this cynical little spitfire and want to get to know her better?

Jyn Erso & Saw Gerrera
Bail Organa & Leia Organa

These relationships fall into what I guess I would call the ugly business of revolution. Saw and Bail both train their adopted daughters to fight for the cause, albeit in very different ways. I imagine there are complex feelings on both sides about it. 

Star Wars Original Trilogy

I'm pretty well-versed in supplementary canon for this particular franchise, so please don't feel the need to limit to just the movies, if that is something you know about.

Han Solo/Leia Organa & Luke Skywalker
I feel like we get a pretty good idea of the relationship between Han/Leia and Luke and Leia, but not really the three of them as a unit. Do they need to figure out how to balance the relationship between all three of them? Do Han or Luke ever get jealous or resentful of the other for taking up Leia's time?

Leia Organa/Han Solo/Luke Skywalker
I would request that this remain a V relationship, as I find this particular sibling incest pairing squicky. I do dearly love the "I want you both but I don't know if it would be proper" trope when it comes to triads, and you cannot convince me that Han isn't over the moon for both the twins. Make him as pining and as miserable about it as you want. Or maybe one of the twins notices, and nudges the other. Just get them together, and make it fun. Or tell me what it's like when they've figured it out.

The Magnificent Seven

Sam Chisolm/Goodnight Robicheaux
There is literally nothing for this pairing on AO3, and I'm amazed. They obviously have history, and Sam has definitely helped Goody through at least one rough spot. I want hurt/comfort in spades, with Goody being fucked up and Sam's quiet rock-solid competence getting him through it. Or maybe Sam needs help for once, and he finds assistance from an unexpected source.