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I went and saw The Hunger Games, and good god I should always see movies on Sunday mornings. There's no people! The help is cheerful! It's awesome!

So I have a ridiculous amount of Feelings about this book, and thus I am utterly incapable of being objective about anything regarding it. I watched the first trailer and I started crying, so, yes, I was probably going to enjoy it regardless. But as always with film adaptations, I was wary that it wouldn't stay true to the spirit of the book. Thankfully, that was something I didn't need to worry about (Having Suzanne Collins around to adapt the screenplay and giving her a co-executive producer credit certainly helped, I'm sure.)

Um, thoughts:
  • The movie benefits a lot from being pulled out of Katniss's head, and it makes the worldbuilding much stronger. Moar of this, plz.
  • The actor who plays Gale has amazing eyelashes. I want them.
  • Panem looks a lot like Vancouver, BC, and that somehow seems appropriate, heh.
  • CINNA. Oh god, Cinna. I was initially quite dubious about Lenny Kravitz being cast in the role, but I take it all back. I loved Cinna in the books, and I love him so hard in the movie it's ridiculous. But I kept watching him and thinking ahead to Catching Fire and oh god. :(
  • RUE. It was a pretty emotional crowd in the theater already (I heard quite a bit of sniffling during the Reaping scene), and I would be very surprised if there was a dry eye in the house when she died. And then they started showing the rioting in District 11 and I just fucking lost it. And then there was more Katniss crying and, and, aughhhhh. I'm still kind of disappointed they didn't keep the scene in with District 11's tribute going to Katniss, but I guess they needed more Foreshadowing or something, I guess.
  • I did not expect to find Seneca Crane quite as interesting as I did. SOMEBODY WRITE ME ALL THE FIC PLZ.
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