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Oh, Inception. As Mr. Coates said, if people are arguing if your movie is a masterpiece or merely good, you've won.

The movie was interesting and I liked the intricate puzzle-box aspect of it (I felt it succeeded very well in that regard and then kind of dropped the ball wrapping everything up except for Cobb's bit), but in the end, it spoke most strongly to me as a movie about design and creation. That part where Ariadne (zomg no symbolism there; also Ellen Page is awesome) figures out she's not constrained by physical logic? Beautiful.

It was kind of interesting, because I watched Shutter Island the day before and saw Leo in more or less the same role: a man traumatized by the death of his wife (which he felt he was partially responsible for), wrapped up in an alternate reality of his own making unable to deal with the pain. Each character revisits and prods the wound continuously, supposedly coming to some sort of resolution about it but it's fairly ambiguous what actually ends up happening. I draw no conclusions from this, but the similarities were striking. Also, I found this post about preserving memories of the dead, memory palaces, and technology interesting.

Things I would like to see in fic:
The story of Arthur's totem
Everything [personal profile] dira suggests here
Arthur as the fandom bicycle
Ariadne as the new dream architect that everybody wants because she's fkn awesome