Jun. 19th, 2015

pearwaldorf: (books - reading is sexy)
As somebody who has relentlessly and enthusiastically yelled about more than her fair share of things until people have consumed the media, I feel like I took way more time than I should have to read The Raven Cycle after seeing it take over my dash a few months ago. One of the things I find delightfully charming about the Tumblr fandom is that there is such a strong, unified visual aesthetic for the books that I could pick it out even though I knew absolutely nothing about the books themselves. I mean, it's rare enough that there is an actual fandom around books to begin with (compared to audiovisual media), but to have one that devoted? That's something to take notice of.

I enjoyed the books (obviously, because I read them in like a week), but I admit I was expecting, idk, more of an excess of feeling than I have? I'm excited to read the (apparently) piles of Adam/Ronan, but what I really want is all the teenagely dramalicious (and legit dramalicious, because the thing) Blue/Gansey. This is a good start. 

Gansey was the one who made me cry when spoiler ). I've been in that situation, and it is awful, to be witness to terrible things and know that it's not your place to intervene (even though I know Ronan did what we all wanted to do with more spoiler )). It was not something I'd thought of in a long time, and a thing I was not expecting.

Even though I have no favorites, Ronan is the one I most identify with. Stiefvater posted her character notes for everybody, and I may have laughed slightly hysterically when I got to Ronan's. And then when I got to "manibus" in Blue Lily, Lily Blue. He reminds me a little of how I was when I was younger, to a lesser degree (and also because I was not a boy. Ronan is very... stereotypically masculine in the way he japes and snarls and directs that anger outward. I don't know if he was a girl if he would bottle that anger and let it eat him up from the inside, but it's entirely possible.) I'm looking forward to the fic because I adore the few glimpses of Ronan we get where he's not being angry or an asshole. I want all the unexpected kindness he covers up with flip remarks, the way he's solicitous with Chainsaw, the parts where he forgets to or is too tired to front with Gansey or Adam, and the way he and Blue are alike in so many ways they bump up against each other. I look forward to it all.