Nov. 16th, 2001

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Singapore to host first World Toilet Conference
The meeting will mark the foundation of the other WTO, the World Toilet Organisation.

Don't say it, don't say it... ^.^
After opening with a mime performance "depicting desirable and undesirable toilet behaviour", according to the programme, the three-day gathering will hear expert speakers on World Toilet Culture and the New Direction; Ventilation and Lighting Design for Green and Odourless Public Toilets; and Progress of Water Savings with Flush Toilets in Japan.

Other sessions will be devoted to The Past, Present and Future of Beijing Scenic Spot Toilets, Access or Fortress? and Finnish Toilet Culture.

Of course, this IS considering that in many tourist spots in Asia, toilets are no more than glorified holes in the ground. I think having a 100% urban population has spoiled the Singaporeans.
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Coraline's a short, scary novel for disturbed young women of all ages and genders.

::squeesmilegiggle:: And I would find it amusing if Ralph Fiennes and Christopher Lambert played Aziraphale and Crowley in the new Good Omens movie. Think of the slash possiblities, my friends.

Strange Horizons did an analysis of American Gods. Such incestuous circles I browse in. Susan is an editor for SH, and Tim occasionally submits stories to them. It's not bad, it's just odd.

I also watched the Buffy musical tonight, albeit cut about ten minutes. Twas odd and quirky and didn't quite flow smoothly, probably because Joss Whedon is neither a musician or a songwriter, but it was lovely nonetheless.