Oct. 16th, 2001

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It's been a bad day. My roommate woke me up with her clomping around at three in the fucking morning, but I was too tired to do anything about it. I sucked ass in math, but perhaps I can make a few things clear.

Less sleep + sleep deprived already Alice = crabby Alice.
Crabby Alice + documentary on Export Processing Zones and the maquiladora program in globalization = Really fucking pissed off Alice.

The video was ca. 70's, but it's still rather relevant today. There was this one old white guy who worked at the Flagstaff Institute (which I have no idea what it is, but it seems to be some sort of business planning place) who said, "If you were a U.S. businessman and the workers at your EPZ were demanding higher wages, wouldn't you pick up and move to another country where the workers there got paid less and worked an extra eight hours?" Cody and I were looking at each other, our mouths hanging down by our shoes. This is how American business works, people. Profit uber alles, at the expense of human life and well-being. They torture people who attempt to unionize and send in the military to break demonstrations. All so they don't have to pay a few extra pesos an hour. Somebody please teach me how to play Quake or something so I don't get arrested trying to burn down Nike headquarters or somesuch. I would like to be free to teach outrage to schoolchildren in the future.
pearwaldorf: rey from tfa (Default)
I laughed my ass off at these two links. (Thank you clinkclank, I needed that very badly)

The reason it's so damn funny is coz Asian mothers really do say this. Watch Mina Shum's (Shun?) movie Double Happiness, and you'll have an idea of what my childhood experience was like.

"He... ::sob:: he made me pay!"