Oct. 10th, 2001

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So I went shopping today, and I picked up some chicken thighs and a chef's knife. What the hell, how bad can deboning chicken be? It went fine until about the fourth leg portion, and then the knife slipped when I was trying to take the skin off the thigh. Gave me a nice hefty slice on my left ring finger. And then when I was cleaning it off, it nicked me on the knuckle. I think it just needed to be blooded before it will work normally. ^.^

Still going to have chicken quesadillas for dinner tonight. Fuck you, Taco Bell.
pearwaldorf: rey from tfa (Default)
Professor N: "I saw Dan Quayle explaining policy to President Bush."
Class, collectively: ::gasp of horror mingled with laughter::

I love Intro to African American Politics.