Sep. 19th, 2001

pearwaldorf: rey from tfa (Default)
One of the things that happens when you live with friends is your computers become communal. As my room is the least crowded and has the best working computer, everybody has their AIM handles and livejournal logins on my computer. April was like, "Wouldn't it be funny if you posted a political commentary on my journal and I posted something about forks on yours?" Well, we found it funny. So nyah.

April is now head-down off my bed laughing her ass off. It's very odd and amusing and yet strangely frightening.

Getting up early tomorrow to buy Tori tickets. On a 56K. Trying to beat out rich lil fangirls on their daddys' T1 and DSL connections. Wish me luck. And thank the gods for The Dent, or else I would never found out that the presale for Seattle is tomorrow. The official newsletter was remiss in telling me that there IS a presale for the Seattle show, and I was going nuts wondering why the fuck we were left out of the sale. I mean, even the official Paramount Theater site doesn't have a listing for the show. But I was amused to see that Raffi is playing before Margaret Cho in November.

Excuse me. I must go lecture April upon the misuses (that is, use at all) of the <marquee> tag.