Aug. 30th, 2001

pearwaldorf: rey from tfa (Default)
Lack of sleep. I've had like nine hours in the past two days. Fecking Arcanum. It's like crack. I HAVE to beat this game before school starts or else I'll never get any shit done. And Cody, next time I see you, explain the Bates Easter egg to me. I'm confused.

So today was my last day in the deli. My (now former) manager was like, "You'll be back in two months." Fuck no. I will be dead before I muck out another fryer or clean a rotisserie grease pan again. No more dealing with bitchy white trash or prissy old ladies wanting this or that piece of fried chicken, no more roasting myself by the hot case, no more giving myself repetitive stress injuries scooping salad. Hopefully all I will have to deal with in the nutrition center are dissipated hippies.

Mmkay. More Arcanum. G'night.