Jul. 26th, 2001

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For those Portlanders intimidated byZupan's and have not found the nerve to go in, fear not, for its reputation as a fancy schmancy grocery store has now been happily punctured and deflated by yours truly and Cody, and is no more than an overpriced Fred Meyer's ($5.19 for a 14 oz. box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?!) with a slightly better selection of soy products and salad dressings. To its credit however, it does have the best pineapple I've ever tasted and the most horribly evil selection of tortes, desserts, and mousses I've ever seen. I had to force myself to walk away so I wouldn't get a slice. Good cheesecake though. Cody and I are going back for a pineapple tomorrow.

* * *

The (specter?) spectacle of capitalism never fails to amuse me and appall me at the same time. I was getting off the bus at Pioneer Square to catch the MAX and I saw a truck all painted up with the colors and logos and stuff for Gillette's new Venus razor. Apparently there was some sort of display in the freighter thingy of the truck promoting the razor. It's a fucking RAZOR. There are people starving in the world and they're spending money promoting a fucking razor. Life.

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Listened to some stuff off the soundtrack for the Arcanum game. It's beautiful. 'Twas conduced by the Seattle Symphony, and a lot of thought was put into this music. My opinion of Troika Games has gone up considerably, even after playing the demo. Damn this carpal tunnel, or else I'd be on it probably any time I'm not working. And this is just the demo, folks. Can't wait for the real game to come out.