Jun. 9th, 2001

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Arrgh. So much to do! Ostensibly, I should be working on my annotated bibliography and organizing my portfolio for Asian American lit, but instead I'm packing up odds and ends in preparation for the move back to the parental abode. Goodbye, tiny cubicle. You served me well, but the lack of bathroom and kitchen and the idiot downstairs blasting Limp Biskit so loud my monitor rattles have begun to bother me.

And about this moving thing. I would like to say that Tyler Durden was right. The things you own end up owning you. And almost all of it is crap you don't need. Jesus H. Christ, I wasn't aware I brought all this stuff with me. In moments of sheer laziness and frustration I would like to become a nomad, because then I couldn't have as much stuff.
pearwaldorf: rey from tfa (Default)
I have so much random stuff on my hard drive, it's amazing.

How to make a Dadaist poem:

1. take a newspaper
2. take a pair of scissors
3. chose an article as long as you are planning to make your poem
4. cut out the article
5.then cut out each word in the article and put them in a bag
6. shake it gently
7. take out the scraps one after the other in the order in which they left the bag
8. copy conscientiously
9. the poem will be like you
10. and here you are a writer, infinitely original and endowed with a sensibility that is charming though beyond the understanding of the vulgar.